Krewes of Syno City

Syno City boasts a large number of Individual Krewes who are semi-codependent on each other for survival in Syno City’s supernatural ecosystem. The threat of Hunters or Black Suits finding them is higher than anywhere else, but it is fortunate that Sin-Eaters are so hard to find, and harder to get definitive proof of their existence. Although they band together in times of crisis and sometimes in rare times of celebration, they like any other band of humans have their own bitter rivalries, strong alliances, and bloody feuds.


The Comedians
Carmine Romero
Lucia Feischman
Gareth Foley

Twilight Hummingbirds
Eric Rosenrot
Neela Chandra
Chloe Wong
Virgil Walker
Ravindra Kapoor

Macy Weissman
John Smithe
Tyler Jones

Krewes of Syno City

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