Underworld Geography

The Underworld is a maze of intersecting tunnels and passages that range from crawlspaces to massive caverns and underground oceans. No matter how far you dig into the earth you will not find it, it is a metaphysical realm accessible only via Avernian Gates. Here in the depths, the ghosts of the dead are as real as flesh and blood most driven insane by the fact that whatever unfinished they have will never be resolved. The ghosts here are doubly damned, they have no anchors and cannot ever cross into the land of the living again without extenuating circumstances. Worse yet the longer a specter dwells here, the more inhuman they become, corpus twisting into frightening abominations and monstrous ghoulish beasts. Ghosts are pulled deeper and deeper as they age, sinking closer and closer to the bottom. A ghost can only find peace if a Sin-Eater can grant them closure in some way or entirely obliterates them from existence.

Though the tunnels twist and turn one thing is constant. The ground always slopes down towards the depths or away from it. However even knowing this, it is still possible to lose ones way in the depths. Survival and Wits is used to navigate, maps can be useful, either one made by a character or bought off another Sin-Eater.

The top layer of the Underworld is known as the Autochthonous Depths, the features of which tend to mirror the realm of the living in some way. Passages can be dim dark corridors of earth and stone or wider winding tunnels of asphalt and neon. Different regions of the depths are home to various types of cursed souls. Moist dark earthy walls and slick wet caves harbor some of the older dead while modern carved tunnels of brick and worked stone could denote the dwelling places of more recent dead. However there are exceptions and a misplaced step could lead a Krewe into unknown territory and not all of the Depths has been exited by any Sin-Eater.

Below the Autochthonous Depths lie the Lower Mysteries, the boundaries of which are marked by Underworld Rivers. Among the Sin-Eaters tales are told of but a handful of the known Mysteries and Dead Domains. The Comedians have explored farther than anybody but most of the lower depths are fuzzy, the price paid by crossing Rivers exacting it still no doubt. Each River crossed means leaving behind more of the living world, clothes shifting into burial shrouds or weapons becoming ancient analogues.

Here is what is known of the Lower Mysteries:

Rivers – crossing a river puts one into one of the Dead Domains of the lower mysteries. A sin-eater may drink from a river and gain a benefit of the power of the underworld in exchange for some type of penalty. A sin-eater may only cross as many rivers as his Psyche allows. Psyche 2 allows one to cross two rivers etc. if a sin eater cannot cross the river on their own, a ferryman is present at each crossing, offering passage in exchange for some form of payment. Ferryman differ depending on the river, and their tasks range from simple money exchange to complex tasks or requests.

River of Tears
River of Pain
River of Sand

Beyond each river lies a Dead Domain, a land ruled by the mysterious power of the Old Laws enforced by the ancient Kereboi, powerful servants of the Laws with the ability to sense out Lawbreakers and bring them to justice anywhere within the Underworld. Unique to the Syno City landscape is the idea of Dead Domains spanning multiple layers of the Underworld in three distinct tiers. One may encounter the Howling Plains after crossing their first river or their fifth river depending on the path they’ve taken to get there. However the terrain of each domain gets progressively harsher and more Laws are in place to govern the souls. The Kereboi is persistent in each tier, the Beast Mother watches over all facets of the Howling Plain but her strength his determined by the depth of the violator. Below are a list of the known Dead Domains:

The Howling Plains
The Machine Hell
The Hall of Records

Underworld Geography

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