Avernian Gates

The Low Places, Avernian Gates, permeable membranes through which a person can pass between the world of the living and the world of the Dead. Passage is easy for a sin-eater, a mere infusion of plasm and will and the way becomes open. Below is a list of all known Gates in Syno City. This is not a comprehensive list, there are others that still remain undiscovered as well as each Krewe’s personal Haunt. A Krewe may disclose the location of their Haunt to other Sin-Eaters but it is not something done lightly to non-members.

To Open a Gate:
Cost: 1 plasm
Roll: Psyche
D. Fail: acquire a ‘mark of death’ upon your person and may not enter for 24 hrs.
Fail: door remains shut, may reroll but -1 successive attempts.
Success: door opens for one minute per dot of psyche of the gate opener. The gate acts as a temporary anchor for ghosts while it is open thereby sometimes allowing a ghost to cross over from the other side during the time it is open.
D. Success: +2 to underworld perception rolls. River Loss has no effect on you.

5 sacrifice of human life
+3 sacrifice a living animal
+2 spilling own blood
+1 each memento
+1 personal item destroyed
+1 synergy 8

+1 each time character died
+1 role play a ceremony of some type.
-1 no mementos at all
-1 synergy 4 or 5
-3 synergy 3 or lower
-5 spent last plasm to open gate

Black Stone Cliff
In the days before colonization, it is believed other nations landed on America’s shores long before it was given the name of an old map maker. Vikings had found their way to the New World long ago in the search for new lands to pillage. One such ship reputedly landed in the Gulf of Ahriman, although there has been no evidence found to suggest to whom the ship belonged. The only evidence is a black stone set into the top of a cliff where the graveyard meets the sea. On it’s face are ancient Viking runes, the stone itself unlike any in the area most likely some type of volcanic rock. The runes are a mixture of traditional Viking language and something utterly bizarre. To a Sin-Eater, the words are clear as day, “Cursed I Am, Cursed for all my days, a demon claimed my soul as I lay dying, for my cowardice I cast myself to the sea to find Hel beyond.” When the gate opens, a yawning mouth opens out of the sea and you must cast yourself from the cliff face into the waiting dark below.

Clara’s Statue
A statue of the founder’s wife located in a garden in front of the Alhazred family crypt. It is an exact likeness of the woman, so lifelike are the details it seems almost as if the sculpture is a living breathing lady of granite. The sculpture is one of the infamous Night Artist works, named so because the artist himself has never been seen, and apparently only works in the twilight hours, new sculptures appearing in public venues overnight. Clara’s sculpture resonates with a spectral energy, and those who can sense such things can feel the presence of the underworld nearby. Opening the gate causes the statue to sigh and glide effortlessly to the side, revealing granite stone steps descending into moist dark earth.

The Courthouse
Many a criminals fate is decided in the Syno city courtroom. In the early days of the settlement, the gallows were there to greet you as you entered into the building. The gallows saw plentiful use until the early 1900’s when they were taken apart and reused as replacement parts in the courtroom, the frame of the gallows being turned into the door frame of the main courtroom. A bit of that old death still lingers, turning these mundane wood doors into underworld gates.

The West Sentinel Observatory
The sun sets in the west and brings the twilight hour when specters are most active. To the west the sun dies and one can witness it’s spectacular crimson death throes best from high atop the buildings that make up the Sentinel Complex. It’s westernmost tower is where one gets the best view of the sun sinking behind the mountains far outside the city limits. It is from this point, at that time, people throw themselves from the tower in a glorious act of self-murder. 13 suicides occurred in a five year span before a bulletproof glass dome was erected around the top of the towers in the early 2000s. However in this highest of places a Low Place manifests, one that requires a little leap of faith into a starry void. The underworld here is sterile and modern, the cries of the damned echoing off steel walls and mirrored ceilings.

The Journey of Osiris Ride
The mechanical door behind which a robotic Ammut waits to scare riders hides a dark secret. The chintzy symbology combines with a very real accidental death of a ride mechanic to create a door to the other side. Through here Richard made his entrance on the Day of the Dead, ascending from some unknown depth beyond The Curve. However to use the Gate now, one only finds the usual low moan of the damned and the rusty creak of some old machine performing unholy acts on the ghosts trapped in the bowels beyond.

Avernian Gates

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