New Dagon Metropolitan Area

Below is a list of the important locales in the New Dagon Metropolitan area. Each item links to a description of the area and its history, as well as any known rumors regarding the area and which of New Dagon’s many supernatural entities call it home.

Major Cities and Towns
New Dagon City
Syno City

The original city was founded in 1820 by a group of settlers seeking religious freedom. The story goes that a man named Jacob, calling himself a prophet, had a vision of a city between Mountain and Sea and that this city would be the City Where Dreams Become Reality. They traveled west in search of their City of Dreams, losing many along the way. Twelve families survived to find the fabled land, between the Derleth Mountains and Belknap Bay, a great stone idol rising out of a verdant forest by the sea to greet them. Legend has it the prophet Jacob read the name of God written on the base of the idol.

“His name is Dagon, and we are His people!”

The town was formed there by the sea, in what is now known as Historic Dagon. The people intermingled with the native Shoshone tribes and for a time there was peace, until the Prophet Jacob declared God was angry with them for the sin of dirtying their pure blood. He banished the Shoshone and their families to the Derleth Mountains where they formed the city of Redmoon. Three of the original twelve founders left with them.

The city flourished, through the Civil War where it acted as a free state and refuge for slaves. The Prophet Jacob was angered by this, claiming the slaves were not equal to God’s chosen people. A schism in government followed and the prophet Jacob led a second pilgrimage north, forming the Town of Charity. Jacob took the two most devout families with him.

Through both World War One and Two the city continued to grow. It expanded further south and the city of Syno Falls formed as a resort town and headquarters for the SynoCorp Laboratories. The Metropolitan area has flourished to today and though it was started as a part of a religious exodus, it has flourished to become a prime example of a modern American city, with peoples of all races, religions, and backgrounds living together in a thriving society.

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New Dagon Metropolitan Area

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