New Dagon City

The Kindred - Session One
New Blood

You remember the Embrace, the last breath leaving your lungs as the rhythmic thumping of your heart slowed and went still and death claimed you. The silence and dark that was suddenly filled with the sweet exultation of rich red blood filling your mouth and surging into your body. The ecstasy of the moment was greater than any other moment in your entire life, the Vitae enhancing your body, changing you from one of the living into one of the terrible undead. Your skin was cold yet your limbs still stirred, your heart no longer beat but you felt alive, and when you stood you were no longer the you you were before, you had changed, become reborn in the cold bosom of death. You are a Vampire.

It has been nearly a year since Prince Joshua was murdered in his private chambers and the city has been without a Prince ever since. The three main covenants, the Ordo Dracul, the Circle of the Crone, and the Carthians, have held shared control of the city, each one equal to the other in strength with no one able to wrest control from the others and claim the throne. A blood war has begun in the streets between the three factions and the heads of each faction treat the city as their chessboard. Aggressive recruitment has begun, the Unaligned have been branded outlaws and face exile or execution if they refuse to pick a side.

Tonight the three factions together are hosting a gala event in the ballroom at Building 42 off Main St in Downtown New Dagon. The ballroom is designated as Elysium, a neutral ground were violence is prohibited. All new neonates are forced to attend. Your sires have trained you for this night, taught you the ins and outs of Kindred society. Or perhaps they haven’t and you were one of factionless undead, given a last chance to pick a side and coerced by threat of death to attend tonight’s event. Regardless of your situation, tonight is an important night, and the choices made here will decide the future of New Dagon’s Kindred.

Begin Session:

The newly changed vampires are lead into the great hall of building 42. A throwback to an older time, a ballroom made of gold and marble. Loud music plays over the modern sound system, the playlist alternating between EDM, Pop music hits, and classical style music. A bit of something for every personality present. The gathering is small, only 1/5th of the city’s entire vampire population is in attendance but it is an awesome display of Kindred society at it’s finest. Each neonate is lead into the ballroom, escorted in by their sire or by armed guards if they were pressured into coming by the city’s new aggressive recruiting measures.

The first to enter is the brilliantly handsome and charming, Shinomia Hyato. Dressed to the nines in an impeccable gucci suit, with the front open slightly to reveal a white dress shirt underneath and a bare chest. He is escorted in by his Sire, Mitsumi Oda, a proud and elegant man who has more power and influence than probably his childer realizes. Oda sits on the Carthian Senate as the Daeva senator and is a close personal friend of Alexander Descartes, the Carthian leader. Shinomia does his best to greet each vampire he meets, his attitude comes off as a bit much to some but there are other Kindred who regard his demeanor as quite fearless.

Behind Shinomia walks in Donnie, a young party boy who has been recently turned by his sire Fernando “Nando” Martinez. Nando is a Carthian Citizen, he holds no power in the Movement and does not aspire to much but enjoys the benefits of being a Carthian all the same. He appears to be an older latino man, dressed in gold and leather. Like all Mekhet he carries a bit of darkness about him, it manifests in his eyes which carry a cruelty to them that makes it uncomfortable to stare at too long. His reasons for changing Donnie aren’t clear although Donnie looks up the vampire like a father figure. Nando doesn’t escort him to his seat, bidding him farewell at the door while he walks alone through the crowd to the front.

Behind Donnie enters Valkyrie Tepish and her sire Mircea Draculesti, the two complimenting each other in matching outfits, Valkyrie wearing a gothic style dress of red and black with a corest, her bare back revealing a tattoo of feathered wings spreading across her shoulders. Mircea is dressed in a stunning red and black dress, proudly displaying her love for the Ordo Dracul. Mircea is of the Fifth Circle, a Guardian of the Ordo and one who’s job it is to protect the Ordo’s sacred sites. She is very proud of her Valkyrie but lets her pride show in small doses lest her childer get a big head. She knows she has ambition and has done her very best to train Valkyrie for this moment.

Last among the players to enter is Carden and his Sire Baldazane. Baldazane is also a Guardian in the Ordo, working alongside Mircea however the two have a mutual distaste for each other. They joined the Ordo at the exact same time and they have always been bitter rivals going back decades. Baldazane is a man of action, a beast among the Ordo and not one to be trifled with. He was said to be aiming to become a Sworn of the Axe but the head of the Sworn, Cortez, has rebuked his entry time and time again. Carden is a soldier, like Baldazane himself, and the two present a formidable pairing as they enter. Carden is respectful and quiet, the younger Gangrel’s fierceness showing itself only as a primal glare should he be presented with any amount of disdain.


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