New Dagon City is a thriving metropolis like any other. Marvelous skyscrapers shimmer in the city skyline, ships sail in and out of New Dagon Harbor, and its citizens are a melting pot of worldly people and cultures busying about their daily lives. It and its surrounding suburbs form the Dagon Metropolitan area, nestled between the lesser known Derleth Mountains and Belknap Bay. However, beneath the ordinary and the normal lies a much more disturbing and alien atmosphere. Government officials practice dark rituals in City Hall. Citizens take a wrong turn and find themselves trapped in an alien landscape only to stumble back out again not quite the same as before. Undead things that look human stalk the night to feast on the blood of the living as ghosts wail in the shadowed and long forgotten buildings of the city’s past. There is talk of feral beasts that stalk the town of Redmoon just east of the city and of packs of strange dogs gathering in the town of Syno Falls to the south. The town of Charity is as old as the city itself, and seems to have never changed in decades. A world of darkness thrives beneath the hustle and bustle of New Dagon and in the dark, something whispers, in a voice that destroys the mind and rends the fabric of space and time…

“Welcome to New Dagon, City of Dreams”

New Dagon City

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